About Us

White Cherry Bakery
The Bakery

White Cherry Bakery aims to provide cake lovers with delicious handmade cakes and treats that use the finest and where possible locally sourced ingredients.

We believe in supporting local businesses and the community, and by using such fine local produce means that each one of our cakes has the best flavour and they are truly scrumptious. Each cake and cupcake is handmade by Helen and designed to be simple yet elegant for any occasion, any time.

Everything is made fresh to order and in small batches, therefore, enabling us to produce fantastic products made by hand, giving that homemade taste.

White Cherry Bakery Cake Christmas Cake Stall
The Cake Maker (Helen)

White Cherry Bakery has been set up by Helen Brown with the support of all those around her.

Helen has always had a love and passion for baking. From an early age she was always eager to lend her mum a hand in the kitchen (with the help of some steps to reach the worktop) and baking was where Helen was truly happy. Together, they would learn, adapt and create new recipes, taking great pride in everything they created (and tasted).

With the love and passion for baking evident through Helen’s upbringing, she always followed her love for food through education and careers based around catering & hospitality. It was only after working at a local bakery that Helen decided it was time for her to follow her passion and create the White Cherry Bakery.

With the help and support of her family and better half, White Cherry Bakery was able to develop from a dream to reality. With the bakery being based in the grounds of Helen’s family home she was able to transform a cabin in the garden into a fully working kitchen for her bakery.

The name White Cherry Bakery was down to Helens mum who came up with it after being inspired by the white cherry blossom tree in the garden, which the cabin overlooks. It was this name that would be the starting post for the future of the business.

The White Cherry Bakery hopes to share Helens enthusiasm and love of cake making with everyone and produce scrumptious cakes and treats all with that handmade touch.