Brownies, Bars & Cookies

Brownies, Bars and Cookies

These delicious treats are always a big hit, perfect for cafes, meetings with a cup of tea, sharing around the office, parties, pack ups or just for that little sweet moment of indulgence. We can supply a full tray so you can cut into your own size slices.

Double Chocolate Brownie
Brownies – choose our plain or double chocolate brownie, each one sinfully good; rich, chocolatey and chewy, a real classic and a White Cherry Bakery favourite. (Double chocolate brownie has chunks of white and milk chocolate in, yummy).


Mars Bar Krispie 
Crunchy krispies mixed with melted mars bars for a slight chocolate taste, with a white chocolate topping.

Rocky Road
A mix of broken biscuits, pieces of caramel biscuits bars and fluffy marshmallow all encased in rich glossy chocolate.

Cherry & Dark Chocolate Flapjack
Choose from either our classic plain or our delicious cherry and dark chocolate flapjack. Each one soft and slightly chewy with a delicious buttery flavour.


Salted Caramel Shortbread (serves 15)
A buttery shortbread biscuit base, a salted caramel middle, topped off with dark and white chocolate marbled together, simply divine.

White Cherry Goo Cake
White Cherry Goo Cake – a mix of white chocolate and cherries baked together to create a gooey and cakey bar.

Brookie (serves 15)
A chocolate heaven, chocolate chip cookie base, brownie middle layer and topper with our chocolate buttercream and sprinkles of flake.

Cookies & Biscuits
These delicious biscuits are always a big hit, perfect with a cup of tea or just for that little sweet moment of indulgence. All cookies and biscuits come in multiples of 20.

Shortbread Rounds

Strawberry Shortbread Rounds

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Rounds

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate and Coconut Cookies